Indonesia Coffee Facts

Indonesia Coffee Facts

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The world’s first best coffee producer is Brazil followed by Vietnam and Colombia. Today Indonesia ranks fourth in the world’s best coffee producers. Here is the best Indonesian Coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, that is known by the whole world.

Gayo coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is well known in various parts of the world. This coffee is in production in the area of Aceh is , Indonesia Coffee Facts, precisely in the highland Gayo.

In this highland Gayo is the center of the plantation and the best coffee production in the world is produced. According to international studies, Gayo arabica coffee has the most distinctive and preferred taste compared to Arabic coffee planted elsewhere that Indonesia Coffee Facts.

Gayo coffee has a high taste that is with a delicious aroma as well as typical, lower acidity levels and have a strong bitterness. With a variety of pleasures and aromas typical of Gayo arabica coffee, the international world reads Fair Trade Certified ™ as a form of appreciation for Gayo Arabica coffee as the best coffee in the world. Gayo Arabica coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, is now exported to many countries such as Asia, America and Europe.

Toraja coffee is produced from the area of South Sulawesi in the Toraja mountains. Toraja mountains are very special soil thrives, Indonesia Coffee Facts, The proof of two types of the world’s best coffee can be produced at once namely Arabica Coffee Toraja and Robusta Arabica Coffee.

The difference between two types of Toraja coffee is found in caffeine produced on every type of Toraja coffee. This coffee has a high level of acidity. The taste that has the element of soil, unique and distinctive to become the main feature of this Toraja coffee. You will be surprised when you first try it. Your tongue will taste, Indonesia Coffee Facts, the bitterness that disappears for a moment that leaves no bitter taste on the tongue.

Bali also has a hidden gem that is the best coffee producer in the world. Kintamani coffee comes from Bali named Kintamani. In the area Kintamani Bali has a coffee that has characteristics that are different from others. Coffee here flavor mixed with the taste of fruit that is not owned by other regions. The taste of acidity mixed, Indonesia Coffee Facts, with the fresh taste of unique taste.

This is caused by the system of planting coffee beans mixed with a wide range of vegetables or commonly called the intercropping system that Indonesia Coffee Facts.

If you like the smell of fresh and sour coffee. You can try this Kintamani coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, as a fitting alternative to accompany your day.

In addition to having its natural beauty, Flores also has a typical coffee flores contained on the plain ngada in East Nusa Tenggara. This Flores region also contributes to the world’s best coffee. Coffee in Flores thrives because of volcanic ash from volcanoes. The type of arabica coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, is a type of coffee Flores. Scented fruit and there are additional tobacco after drinking it.

Javanese coffee has begun in the world since the 17th century. At that time the Dutch began to plant coffee beans in Java Java and make it the largest producer of coffee in the world at that time. Although Coffee Types have been many, but Java coffee is still the main choice for the Dutch officials. This coffee smells thin spikes. Through a wet milling process that makes it very different and interesting to taste. In the mountains of Ijen banyuwangi East Java is a world-quality Arabic Java coffee , Indonesia Coffee Facts, in perfect produce for true coffee lovers.

The creation of the word lanang coffee is because the coffee bean lanang is a round, single and the absence of a central hemisphere like the coffee beans in general. The word “lanang” is a Javanese term to signify that it is “male.” And it is true that this coffee is one of the benefits is to increase the vitality of men. No wonder if this coffee is more expensive than other coffees. This type of coffee can produce coffee lanang robust and coffee lanang Arabia. This coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, is very popular in the Dutch government.

Kopi Luwak is produced from a unique process. Coffee is the target of coffee lovers around the world. Very limited production makes this coffee rare and very expensive to taste a cup of this mongoose coffee. The history of the creation of this mongoose coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, is in Dutch times the farmers are not allowed to taste the coffee that has been planted.

One time the farmers saw this mongoose or civet eating coffee beans. It turns out this mongoose can not digest the coffee beans in the meal. Viewed from the dirt that still leaves the coffee beans in planting. The farmers who have a highly curious to feel the coffee. Redeem the beans and it turns out to produce a high taste of coffee to date. Kopi Luwak, Indonesia Coffee Facts, is the best and most expensive coffee in the world today and certainly the original product of Indonesia.

Wamena coffee flourishes in Wamena mountains and become one of Indonesian coffee producers. Having a mild aroma and characteristic of fragrant in every coffee seed is the character of coffee Wamena. The farmers in Wamena still use organic ingredients to plant their coffee beans. So it will feel the original coffee, lightly dregs, not fragrant and does not leave a sour taste on the tongue. Types of Coffee Wamena, Indonesia Coffee Facts, are still quite difficult in distributing it.

Coffee sidikalang be the best coffee in Indonesia next with a taste that mantab. This coffee is very popular with true coffee lovers either from the archipelago or from foreign countries. Due to its high quality of coffee this sidikalang became the main competitor of Brazil coffee. This coffee, Indonesia Coffee Facts, has the most refined texture among the world’s coffee species.

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