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Indonesia is a lucky country. Why is that? Because Indonesia is in the gift of many extraordinary natural beauty. Starting from the mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, as well as the beach. If talking about the beach, you would only think about Bali. Indeed the beach of Bali has a very fascinating beauty, but not only Bali that has the charm. There are still many beautiful beaches, Indonesia Beach Facts, that are still plastered in Indonesia.

Have you ever heard the story of the Prophet splitting the ocean? This phenomenon can also be found in Indonesia, precisely in Morotai, Maluku. While receding, Indonesia Beach Facts, you will see the sand will appear connecting the two small Dodola islands and the great Dodola.

A lot of beautiful beaches seem to be owned by Eastern Indonesia. One of them Ngurfatur beach located on the island of Warbal, southeast Maluku. The form that extends into the middle of the sea makes Ngurfatur Beach became the most unique beach in the world. Its length up to 2 kilometers stretches the middle of the sea with its bright blue color. If you walk here, Indonesia Beach Facts, you will feel the sensation of walking over the sea.

Waterfalls that we usually find in the mountains, it is not possible if we meet him on the beach. The beach is located on the edge of the sea with low plains. Two different things can actually be found on the Beach Banyu Tibo, Pacitan, East Java. Banyu Tibo itself has the meaning of falling water. So named, because this beach has a waterfall. The height of the waterfall reaches 20 meters, Indonesia Beach Facts, and has a steep cliff.

Lombok has one beautiful and unique beach. Its uniqueness can make this beach famous to foreign countries. Sand owned beach is not like sand in general, because it has pink sand. This quiet beach atmosphere makes you like being on a private beach that Indonesia Beach Facts,.

The beach is identified with the sun and also the hot air. But you can enjoy a hot tub in a beach called Akesahu Beach in Tidore, Maluku. You can soak hot water along the beach, Indonesia Beach Facts, while enjoying the warmth of the sun. Uniquely hot water is turned out to be fresh water.

Cape high is the beach flanked by two peninsulas, namely the headland of Kelayang and Tanjung Pendam. The name of the high cape is taken from the word Tanjung which means peninsula and high which means the beach that has high rocks. Tanjung Tinggi Beach is one of the tourist attractions on the island of Belitung. Located not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Indonesia Beach Facts, and about 31 km from Tanjung Pandan city.

Kaironi Beach is located in the northern city of Manokwari, West Papua with 4 km of coastline. In addition to the beach is very charming and still beautiful, On this beach you can also see captive leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) which usually occurs in November-January, Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) in July-September, Indonesia Beach Facts, and Turtle Lekang ((Lepidochelys olivacea) in March-May each year.

The beautiful marine park object in this tourist spot is very fascinating visitors both from domestic and abroad. This area is located in sub district Punduh Pidada Pesawaran District. The island has an area of about 1,084 hectares is divided into two islands, namely the island of great pahawang and small pahawang island. A visiting pahawang island only takes about 1.5 hours journey from Bandar Lampung city, Indonesia Beach Facts, to Ketapang crossing jetty for boat ride to the big pahawang island.

Senggigi Beach is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The coral reef that towered into the middle made the big waves break when it was in the middle, Indonesia Beach Facts, is a calm wave. The calm waves and sloping beach make this a fun place to swim.

Pangandaran Beach is located in Ciamis Regency, West Java. Pangandaran Beach is the best beach in Java Island AsiaRooms version. In addition to enjoying its enchanting beauty, on this beach, visitors can see the sunrise and the harvest of the same place. The sloping beach, Indonesia Beach Facts, is also suitable for swimming activities.

Plengkung beach is located in the district of Banyuwangi, East Java. Beautiful scenery and high waves, reaching 4-5 meters, making this beach is the dream of surfing sports fans. Pengklung Beach is surrounded by forest and dubbed as a haven of silence. So, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, Indonesia Beach Facts, in this place visitors can also explore the forest and see the various animals in it.

Tablanusu Beach is located in Jayapura District, Papua Province. The hills with verdant grass on the beach, creating beautiful scenery on this beach. The uniqueness of this beach lies on a stretch of gravel on the edge. Tablanusu Beach is not as sandy as it is generally, Indonesia Beach Facts, but its edges are covered in gravel that if stepped on will bring up a unique sound.

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