Indonesia Bad Facts

Indonesia Bad Facts

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Indonesia has some world-renowned achievements, such as the world’s first rank trilingual in the world, illegal fishing restrictions, and the Indonesian military who became champions but have Indonesia Bad Facts.

But among these proud achievements, it turns out Indonesia also has a bad predicate in some respects. Of course, this bad predicate is not a proud thing. It’s something to fix Indonesia Bad Facts.

Ganging becomes commonplace, and often happens in Indonesia. This bad attitude has tarnished the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. Gangsters, Indonesia Bad Facts, are often considered cool, whereas brawling actually harms two sides and others around him.

Corruption in Indonesia is a topic that is so often discussed. This is not because corruption, Indonesia Bad Facts, is like mushrooming and rooted in the government and even sometimes also its own community.

Not once, twice foreign tourists who enter Indonesia should give extra money to government officials such as immigration offices, or when dealing with the authorities. Not to mention the news about Indonesia’s corruption, Indonesia Bad Facts, that extends to foreign media. Of course, this gives a bad stamp on the state of Indonesia.

Laziness is one of the words that is also used to describe the people of Indonesia. So lazy, Indonesia Bad Facts, to throw any garbage at will and do not want to try to find a trash can.

Of course, this is a very visible side of Indonesia. Look at the streets, Indonesia Bad Facts, let alone the river filled with garbage. This is one of the reasons Indonesian people are called dirty.

Throwing the garbage carelessly and do not want to try a few to find the trash. If reminded, the reason is ‘no trash’ when most of them really do not want to find a trash can. Not to mention the habit of disposing of garbage in the river that resulted in a polluted environment. And if there is a flood, Indonesia Bad Facts, they are busy blaming others.

Laziness are also reflected in the term rubber clock. Only a few people can be on time, while others are so used to the word overdue and for that very reason that Indonesia Bad Facts.

The order is something that makes the state more orderly. But for now, it seems impossible in Indonesia. A simple example is the disorder when there is on the highway. The highway is so chaotic, Indonesia Bad Facts, because the riders do not obey the signs.

This is a classic problem that is often done by the people of Indonesia. It’s trivial, but this bad habit is not only a shame for yourself, Indonesia Bad Facts, but also something that makes people around the world shake their heads.

What often happens is generally against the direction of the road, using the sidewalk as a shortcut and so on. Though they also realize that these actions can endanger themselves as well as others, but still in doing that Indonesia Bad Facts.

According to a survey conducted by a traffic app named Waze, Indonesia is in 7th position as the country with the worst traffic conditions in the world. This result is obtained after monitoring of several major cities in almost every country based on the level of congestion, accidents, to the infrastructure available on the highway. The result of Indonesia occupies the seventh position with a satisfaction index of only 3.7 riders that Indonesia Bad Facts.

Not only on the highway, queue counters, mini markets are also a lot of chaos. All scramble to be served first that Indonesia Bad Facts. Tolerance is eroded as people begin to think of themselves.

Indonesian people, like the things that make it happy without having to bother first. One of them is to cut the trees indiscriminately without re-greening that Indonesia Bad Facts.

Of course, this can be detrimental to nature in particular is the forest, and also if it does not get permission from the government they could have violated the law. There are many cases about this and of course this is a bad habit of Indonesian people who have been worldwide that Indonesia Bad Facts.

Still related to pollution, this time a study in 2015 states that Indonesia is in the fifth position in terms of the number of smokers in the world. It is recorded that last year the number of active smokers in Indonesia reached 60 million people. Meanwhile, another 97 million recorded to be passive smokers who also felt the impact of this bad habit that Indonesia Bad Facts.

As one of the most populous countries in the world, Indonesia is touted as one of the most ‘happy shopping’ countries. This bad habit also makes Indonesia listed as one of the most promising countries for importers to enter their products to Indonesia. Call it according to the data in 2013, Indonesia Bad Facts, Indonesia became one of the wasted countries in terms of purchasing Smartphone in Southeast Asia. At that time Smartphone sales in Indonesia reached US $ 3.33 Billion.

According to a survey conducted in 2014, Indonesia occupies the lowest position in terms of the happiest employees in the world. This is because that most workers in Indonesia only do their work on the basis of economic demands. From the data collected, Indonesia Bad Facts, recorded only 18% of workers who are satisfied with his job while the rest are prone to stress because of work in a field that he did not like.

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