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Indonesia Background Facts

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Indonesia began to develop in the era of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom thanks to trade relations with cheaper neighboring countries such as India, China, and the Middle East region. Hinduism entered Indonesia at the beginning of the Asian date, brought by travelers from India, Indonesia Background Facts, among others: Maha Resi Agastya, which is known in Java as Batara Guru or Dwipayana and also the traveler of Chinese Buddhist Pahyien traveler.

Samudra Pasai or also known as Ocean Darusalam is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia. The kingdom of Samudra Pasai is on the coast of Sumatra and began to stand in the 13th century. The first king of Samudra Pasai’s kingdom, Indonesia Background Facts, was Sultan Malik al-Saleh.

Because the kingdom of Pasai Ocean is in a strategic location near the coast, then this kingdom becomes a center of commerce. Under the leadership of Sultan Malukul Dhahir, Samudra Pasai really became a place of advanced trade. The port, Indonesia Background Facts, is always crowded with traders from Asia, Africa, China, and Europe.

If Samudra Pasai is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia located in Sumatra, then the kingdom of Demak is the first Islamic kingdom on the island of Java. The king who founded Demak was Raden Patah in 1478. Raden Patah occupied the seat of the king of Demak until the year 1518. Raden Patah, Indonesia Background Facts, he is a nobleman who also served as the Duchy of the Kingdom of Majapahit.

The Kingdom of Demak is an Islamic kingdom renowned for being the birthplace of Wali Songo or nine guardians. Wali Songo is the 9 famous guardians who are spreaders of Islam. The kingdom of Demak became a more advanced kingdom when the Majapahit kingdom began to collapse. The Kingdom of Demak is located about 25 km from the city of Semarang, Indonesia Background Facts,  precisely on the road to Kudus from Surabaya.

The kingdom of Kediri or the so-called Panjalu kingdom is a Hindu kingdom in Java, especially in East Java. The age of Kediri kingdom is relatively long standing from 1042 to 1222. For the problem of archaeological relics, Kediri kingdom does not leave many relics. But in classical literature, this kingdom has progressed in the field of literature is quite advanced.

Located close to Brantas times, Kediri kingdom stands and goes hand in hand with the Sriwijaya kingdom located in Sumatra. These two kingdoms had an enormous influence on the world of commerce at the time. It is known that Chinese and Indian traders often conduct trading activities in the territory of Kediri kingdom. The famous King of the time, Indonesia Background Facts, was Jaya Baya. Ruled from 1135 to 1179.

Standing from 358 to 669, Tarumanegara or Taruma short, is an Indian Sundanese kingdom located near Kebon Coffee I inscription, Kampung Muara, Bogor. Based on the inscription monument, king Purnawarman built a canal that changed the direction of the river Cakung. He also drained coastal areas to be used as agricultural, Indonesia Background Facts, and residential areas.

Based on the inscriptions on the monument, Tarumanegara was founded by Rajadirajaguru Jayasingawarman in 358. It is known that there are 12 people who once became king of Tarumanegara. But the most famous one is King Purnawarman. Purnawarman is considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the Hindu belief, Indonesia Background Facts, Lord Vishnu is the god of care and protection of the universe.

The kingdom of Banten was established in the 16th century and of course, according to its name, Kingdom of Banten is located in the center of Banten. Historically, the Kingdom of Banten was founded by one of the Wali Songo, Sunan Gunung Jati. The Kingdom of Banten, Indonesia Background Facts, is a fairly influential empire in Southeast Asia as a central trading city. One of the famous commodities is pepper.

Since it was founded by Sunan Gunung Jati, Banten became a kingdom that had a major influence in the spread of Islam. Banten’s advancement into a trading empire took place in the early 1500s. Banten became the second largest port city after Sunda Kelapa. After the fall of Malacca into the hands of the Portuguese, Indonesia Background Facts, many merchants from the East and China decided to dock in Bantam rather than Malacca.

Written also under the name Srivijaya, is a very influential kingdom in Indonesia and based on the island of Sumatra. The influence of the kingdom of Sriwijaya was able to get to Southeast Asia. This kingdom became the center of the spread of Buddhist teachings, Indonesia Background Facts, from the 8th century until the 12th century.

The power of the kingdom of Sriwijaya is influenced from the sea trade is very crowded. Mastering the Straits of Malacca, making the kingdom of Sriwijaya has a fairly close trading relationship with the islands of Malaysia, China, and also India. Sriwijaya Kingdom was first led by Sri Jayanaga. The heyday of the kingdom of Sriwijaya itself only emerged, Indonesia Background Facts, when Balaputra Dewa served as king.

Located a few kilometers north of the city of Malang, stands a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom named Singosari or Singhasari kingdom. Singosari stood east of Java since 1222 and able to survive until the year 1292. Singosari Kingdom, Indonesia Background Facts, became the successor success of Kediri kingdom located in East Java.

First time led by Ken Arok asking, Ken Arok successfully became king after he killed Tunggul Ametung. But the drama of revenge that occurred in the descendants of Ken Arok and Tunggul Ametung continues to make king Singosari constantly changing king. But, the most famous king in Singosari is Kartanegara. Through Kertanegara the kingdom of Singosari, Indonesia Background Facts, can reach its heyday.

Built in the fourth century, the Kutai kingdom became the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. With the basis of Hinduism, the Kutai kingdom is one of the most influential kingdoms located in East Kalimantan, close to the upper Mahakam river. The first king to rule Kutai, Indonesia Background Facts, was named Kudungga.

In the reign of Kudungga, the Kutai kingdom was known only as an ordinary Hindu kingdom. New when led by Mulawarman, Kutai kingdom reached its heyday. The kingdom of Kutai was devastated when its king was then Maharaja Setia Dharma killed in battle. The death of Maharaja Setia Dharman, Indonesia Background Facts, as well as a marker of the completion of the Kutai kingdom.

Mataram is one of the great kingdoms located on the island of Java. Stood at the end of the 16th century and its power lasted until the 18th century. Ruled by the king of Senapati or known as Adiwijoyo, Indonesia Background Facts, the kingdom of Mataram became an influential kingdom on the island of Java,

Throughout history, the Mataram empire has a highly developed agricultural and trade sector. Because of the two things that make this kingdom has a population that is very much and also prosperous. Located in Central Java, the kingdom of Mataram is a kingdom based on Hinduism. His famous king of Mataram, Indonesia Background Facts, was named Balitung.

Majapahit is a kingdom based on Hinduism that stood from 1293 to 1500. Being the most influential kingdom, Majapahit is covering various regions in Indonesia including, Indonesia Background Facts, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Sumbawa, Lombok and East Timor.

Majapahit itself is located between Brantas and Solo times. Majapahit’s great power is able to influence a number of countries in Southeast Asia. Majapahit was first established by Raden Wijaya and grabbed his golden era in the reign of King Hayam Wuruk, Indonesia Background Facts, accompanied by his famous Patih/Prime Minister named Gajah Mada.

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