Indonesia is one of the largest liquefied natural gas producing countries in the world and is the 2nd or 3rd

The history of badminton in Indonesia has been long enough. There is an estimate, the Indonesian people have known badminton

Indonesia is a lucky country. Why is that? Because Indonesia is in the gift of many extraordinary natural beauty. Starting

Indonesia began to develop in the era of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom thanks to trade relations with cheaper neighboring countries such

President Jokowi’s goal wants Indonesia to be in the top 40 position in the ease of doing business is very

The word “Bandung” comes from the word bendung or dam due to the Citarum river terbendungnya by the lava of

The Indonesian archipelago of 17,000 islands, home to flora and fauna of two different types of origin. The western part

As an Indonesian archipelago nicknamed the equator has many world-known things. Not only the cultural diversity, customs, tribes and religions

Indonesia has some world-renowned achievements, such as the world’s first rank trilingual in the world, illegal fishing restrictions, and the

The day commemorated on every June 1st is the turning point of the determination of the Unitary State of the

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