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10 motives company distributes accessories and electronic cigarettes which are rechargeable and disposable. The company markets a total of three electronic cigarette kits which are rechargeable. These include Regular V2.

These include Regular V2, Menthol and I-Vape. The company packs two lithium ion batteries which are rechargeable including a USB charging cable and a personal charge case. The personal charge case is primarily black and along the front face is printed the 10 motives brand name.

Technical Features and Battery

The 10 motives company packs two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries into the electronic cigarette starter kit. The two batteries are identical and the 10 Motives logo is imprinted near the batter- cartomiser junction.

The personal charging case that is included is matte that is black in color and has the battery indicator screen towards the front face bottom. This indicator allows the users to see the current level of the battery of the PCC and therefore determine whether or not it needs to be recharged.

The entire PCC takes the least time possible to charge and should be able to provide sufficient battery life to get the average user throughout the day without necessarily needing to be recharged.

Flavor and Vaping

The 10 Motives electronic cigarette offers a total of twelve cartomiser flavors whereby the customers can try with everything except the regular which only being offered with the 16mg nicotine strength.

The additional flavors include the following: Classic American, coffee, cherry, chocolate, peach grape blueberry, menthol, watermelon, vanilla and strawberry. It should however be noted by the buyers that only menthol and regular are a stock that is available with rechargeable kits. This means that less conventional flavors must be purchased separately. To begin the process of vaping, users have to screw the cartomiser into the battery and take a drag.


10 motives electronic cigarette distributes e-cigarettes and accessories based out of Sandbach, Cheshire. Their customer service support staff is available over the phone via e-mail or by snail mail.