NJOY E-Cig Review and Discount

NJOY is one of the only e-Cig companies that is focused solely on the female market. The company is relatively new having been established only one year ago. However, while it is a relatively new player in the market it has quickly won fans amongst its female fan base. Along with occupying a unique niche in the electronic cigarette market, it also has an interesting back story which you can read about below.


Background Of NJOY

NJOY was started by Craig Weiss, a veteran in the e-cig industry. In addition to being the owner of NJOY she also runs a PR and web marketing agency. She started NJOY after trying to purchase an electronic cigarette device for her daughter who had been smoking for three years. While looking for an appropriate device she struggled to find a brand that truly connected with women. As a result she decided to establish her own more female friendly electronic cigarette company.

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Starter Kits Offered By NJOY

NJOY currently sells two different electronic cigarette starter kits. Included in this range are:

Try Me Kit – One rechargeable battery, two cartomizers and a USB charger. You can select from one of the five different flavors available for the cartomizers. The Try Me Kit is specially designed for women who are unsure whether electronic cigarettes are right for them, and don’t want to commit to a larger starter kit.

Deluxe Starter Kit – The deluxe starter kit includes two lithium ion batteries, five cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall charger and one gift box. The deluxe starter kit is perfect for women who are ready to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, and want a kit that will have all of the items that they will need.

Nicotine Flavors And Strengths

NJOY cartridges come in five different flavors. These include Classic Tobacco, Mint Julie, Caremella, Tia Berry and Mango Lola. Each of the flavors have been selected to appeal to the tastes of female customers. There is also a range of nicotine strengths. These match different types of cigarettes. The different strengths are the equivalent of ultra light cigarettes, light cigarettes and regular strength cigarettes. Each cartomizer sold by NJOY is able to produce approximately 150 puffs which is the equivalent of 5 – 8 cigarettes.

Other Benefits To Shopping With NJOY

There are a few additional benefits to shopping through NJOY. Firstly the company offers free shipping on all of its starter kits. Secondly they offer a thirty day money back guarantee on their starter kits. Provided that the starter kit is returned within this period and not more than one cartomizer has been opened they will provide a full refund of your purchase price.

Overall Recommendation

Females have in the past been undeserved by the electronic cigarette market. Therefore, it is refreshing to see a company that is addressing the gap in the market. Verven is obviously passionate about providing a more targeted product for her female buyers. While the range of products isn’t quite as impressive as at some other electronic cigarette companies, if you are looking for something with a bit more style then you will want to check out NJOY.

Vapor Couture Review – Disposable E-Cigs

vapor couture disposable e-cig

Vapor Couture is the first electronic cigarette that was designed for the ladies. This brand also manufactures some of the industry’s finest disposable electronic cigarettes, and this is one of the reasons why a growing number of people choose Vapor Couture instead of the competition.

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Vapor Couture Review of Disposable E-Cigs: What You Need to Know

Disposable electronic cigarettes are good for one-time use. This means, you can throw these devices when the cartridges have already dried up or once the battery has died.

The best thing about using disposable e-cigs by Vapor Couture is that they offer the convenience of vaping even when you are on the road. There is no need to recharge the batteries constantly or replace the cartridges.

Hence, there is no mess or fuss in maintaining these smoking devices. Although the cost of disposable e-cigs is much higher than reusable ones, you can still find them rather economical when you are not ready to spend a higher amount upfront on a full kit.

vaporcouture reviewVapor Couture is V2 Cigs’ sister company (read our V2 Cigs review here), and it is known by people as a stylish version of electronic cigarettes with unique and mesmerizing flavors.

There are different features that you can expect from disposables such as the one-piece design, which means it is slimmer, does not contain any batteries, and lack of refillable cartridges. In addition, the cartridge and atomizer are built into one unit, and it comes with the 135 mAh battery that can take you about 150 to 250 puffs before it runs out.

Vapor Couture Review: Amazing Flavors

What’s great about Vapor Couture disposables is the fact that you can choose from numerous flavors. The color of the unit is also quite stunning, and it depends on the flavor that you use for your e-cigarette.

Uers can choose from different flavors such as Arctic Mist, Passion Fruit, and Rodeo Drive. As for the colors, they come in wide assortment such as light blue, deep purple and pink, which you can find in the company’s official website.

Just like with reusable electronic cigarettes, disposables have a crystal LED-lit tip at the end, and this serves as the battery indicator. It lets you know if there is no more charge remaining in the battery, or if you already need to dispose of the unit. When the flavor runs low, you will see the indicator light is shining a bit dimmer than usual.

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Great Options

With the Vapor Couture disposables, you can order a single pack, or even a pack of 5 or 10. You can also select from a range of flavor, nicotine level and color options. Each of the product by this brand offers you with a delightful vaping experience that you could expect from battery-powered electronic cigarettes.

The major difference is the fact that there is no need to recharge the battery after each use. You can spare yourself from the hassles in refilling cartridges, and you can enjoy vaping even when you are on the go. So, if you look for a reliable and satisfying product, then these disposable cigarettes by Vapor Couture is for you.

V2 Cigs Accessories Review

With the top e cig brands, you will find a variety of accessories to enhance the vaping experience, and V2 is no different. This V2 Cigs accessories review will introduce some of the accessories you can purchase, to enhance the experience, and get the most out of vaping.

V2 Cigs Accessories

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Carrying cases are essential if you want to bring your e cigs everywhere. V2 has several. From Xl cases, which have an indicator light to let you know when the battery is fully charged, to the traditional metal case to carry the e cigs and cartridges in. Portable charging cases and soft cases are also available for you to use with the battery model you have.

The lanyard
If you always lose things, the lanyard is perfect to carry the e cig around your neck. Not only does it keep it with you at all times, but the drilled air holes will ensure the battery is going to work, even if the e cig is around your neck when you want to puff.

Drip trays 
If you purchase the e liquids, drip trays will help you pour the liquid directly into the cartridge. The plastic or aluminum are both clean, and simple to use, and will both help ensure a smoother vaping experience, as you can cleanly get the e liquid into the cartridge.

Universal adapter 
If you want to use a battery from a different brand of e cigs, V2 has the adapter that will allow you to do so. Not only can you cross the batteries, you are also going to be able to cross cartridges, if you would like to try a flavor that is offered by any other e cig manufacturer on the market, which V2 does not produce.

The chargers 
USB chargers for the computer, portable chargers for the car, express adapter chargers, and universal chargers, are just some of the many options that you can find, when you shop with V2. Customers can even purchase charger packs, which come with all the chargers you need, so you can fully load up the battery, regardless of where you are, or how much juice you have left in the battery.

Cartridges & liquid
Of course you also have to order cartridges and e liquids to enjoy the vaping experience, and there are several that you can choose from when you order through the V2 line as well.

If you are ordering a new starter kit, many of the necessary accessories will come in the kit. But, if you only have to order one item, you can also order them individually through the V2 accessories page on the company site. Not only are many of these items going to enhance the e cig smoking experience that you are going to enjoy, but many of these accessories are going to be a requirement, if you would like to get the most out of vaping, and if you would like to be able to use your e cig and battery anywhere you may be.

E-Cig battery safety information

Vapor Couture Discount

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If you are a women, you might have found that there aren’t many vaping products available on the market designed just for you. Vapor Couture specializes in electronic cigarette products which have been desigend for women, with a wide range of starter kits, e-liquids, accessories and batteries available for purchase. Female smokers can take advantage of a number of unique items available in the online store, as well as competitive prices and a variety of shipping options. Here is a review of Vapor Couture, with focus on the service and products on offer to customers.

Company information

A sister company of V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture is managed in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic. There are six cartridge flavors to choose from, as well as a number of different starter kits. You can use a promotional discount code to save money on an item purchased from their online store. You will be prompted to enter your code during the checkout process, and you could make a considerable saving on the price of your order.

Products on sale

Choose a starter kit if you are new to vaping; the Vapor Couture Essentials Kit provides you with two automatic batteries, a full instructional guide, five cartridges, a wall charger, and USB charger. You can even choose from a number of carrying cases and accessories, including leather bags which bear the Vapor Couture logo. The batteries that power the electronic devices are strong and long-lasting, sustaining up to three days of use before they need to be charged again, although this will depend on how frequently you have used the device during this period, and how much vapor has been generated.

Other information

You can contact the company on social media or by filling in a short contact form on the company’s website. You will also be entitled to a lifetime warranty, which is available on selected products ordered from the online store, although this is limited to five replacements and subject to conditions.

Ecigwizard Discount

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This brand of electronic cigarettes is manufactured and distributed mostly in England and the United Kingdom. It produces products such as vaporizers and a very high number of electronic juices flavours, which provide a wide range of choices to choose from. The company produces four different types of starter kits, with the most popular one being the Freshstart starter kit. This kit contains a battery, a USB charger, a tank and one bottle of electronic liquid.


The kit is made in a simple but neatly packed box. The inside of the kit contains a plastic kit that holds the contents of the kit in position. The kit includes an electronic cigarette tank, a battery and a USB charger. There are diverse designs of the kit in order to cater for the different tastes and preferences of the different users. There are different colours of vaporizers present.


The Ecigwizard has a wide range of flavours that provide different feels to the different customers. These different flavours come in different nicotine strengths. These ensure that there is a wide range of choice for the user to choose from.

Battery and Its Responsiveness

The Ecigwizard has a manual battery, which has to be pressed in order to use the device. The button is clear when off and it flashes when the device is on. The battery is large and therefore, it holds enough capacity to deliver enough power that can last for a long period of time. The battery is strong and its high responsiveness making the device produce a very dense vapour. For this reason, it is clear that its quality is far much beyond its price.

In conclusion, we can see that the devices are pocket-friendly and a very effective brand of electronic cigarettes. It is an easy to use device and suitable for both the upcoming vapers and the experienced ones.

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10 Motives Discount

10 Motives coupon

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10 motives company distributes accessories and electronic cigarettes which are rechargeable and disposable. The company markets a total of three electronic cigarette kits which are rechargeable. These include Regular V2.

These include Regular V2, Menthol and I-Vape. The company packs two lithium ion batteries which are rechargeable including a USB charging cable and a personal charge case. The personal charge case is primarily black and along the front face is printed the 10 motives brand name.

Technical Features and Battery

The 10 motives company packs two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries into the electronic cigarette starter kit. The two batteries are identical and the 10 Motives logo is imprinted near the batter- cartomiser junction.

The personal charging case that is included is matte that is black in color and has the battery indicator screen towards the front face bottom. This indicator allows the users to see the current level of the battery of the PCC and therefore determine whether or not it needs to be recharged.

The entire PCC takes the least time possible to charge and should be able to provide sufficient battery life to get the average user throughout the day without necessarily needing to be recharged.

Flavor and Vaping

The 10 Motives electronic cigarette offers a total of twelve cartomiser flavors whereby the customers can try with everything except the regular which only being offered with the 16mg nicotine strength.

The additional flavors include the following: Classic American, coffee, cherry, chocolate, peach grape blueberry, menthol, watermelon, vanilla and strawberry. It should however be noted by the buyers that only menthol and regular are a stock that is available with rechargeable kits. This means that less conventional flavors must be purchased separately. To begin the process of vaping, users have to screw the cartomiser into the battery and take a drag.


10 motives electronic cigarette distributes e-cigarettes and accessories based out of Sandbach, Cheshire. Their customer service support staff is available over the phone via e-mail or by snail mail.